The CHELISAM Foundation

Our Inspiration

Dr. Robert L. Bernard

Dr. Robert L. Bernard

Dr. Robert L. Bernard was a beloved podiatrist practicing in Rockville Centre, New York, and specializing in surgery and the care of diabetic patients. He died in 1997 at the age of thirty-six after a courageous battle with colon and liver cancers. The treatments Dr. Bernard endured to extend his time with his family and patients were pioneering then and foster hope today for those battling the disease. A devoted professional in life, Dr. Bernard continued in illness to offer real hope for healing and recovery. In honor of his memory as a man of medicine, a feminist and a humanitarian, Dr. Bernard’s widow, Lisa Bernard, and their daughters, Samantha and Chelsea, together with a family confidant, Mr. John C. Haugh, established in 1998 The CHELISAM Foundation, a charitable trust devoted to projects where “science and sensibilities meet”. This is not just a catchphrase or a tagline; it was the way Dr. Bernard practiced medicine and his faith and approached his relationships. Since its inception, The CHELISAM Foundation has made more than ten scholarships to outstanding young women pursuing cutting-edge careers in a number of healing sciences and supported projects that have brought ease in practical approaches to the suffering of people across the globe.

Our Operating Code

The CHELISAM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible. No member of the Board of Trustees, staff or scholarship committees accepts compensation — monetary or material — for his or her service.

Our Mission

The CHELISAM Foundation exists to facilitate and provide support for the studies, scholarship, work and/or projects of people and institutions using science to promote health and well-being.